Nouvel atelier de fabrication de lampe solaire à Lausanne le mercredi 29 avril 2014

Voir info ici! 

Some facts about LEDsafari

Total lamps made till now 1000+.

Total people trained in developing countries: 300+ 

Total people trained in Switzerland: 60

Total countries covered: Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and India

2010: LEDsafari did 1st field pilot in India in December, 2010. The lamp was without solar panel and a small lead-acid battery was used.

2013: LEDsafari further enhanced the lamp in 2013. Added a solar panel and a li-ion battery which made it possible to use it as mobile charger also.

2013: LEDsafari went to Kenya and Tanzania as a student project and trained almost 100 people. A crowd funding was organised to collect some funds for this project. 

2014: After getting good response, LEDsafari decided to operate in a more organised manner. It trained 70 people in Switzerland under its LEDsafari Certified Trainer Program. Only 16 got the certificate as LEDsafari trainers. LEDsafari follows a strict quality control policy. 

2014:  Three LEDsafari certified trainer went to India to train tribal people during the summer. They trained 60 people. One trainer almong with LEDsafari management team went to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya and trained 60 people again. 

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